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Forest with fog that is lifting and the logo "the soul squatch' in center


Welcome to The Soul Squatch – where beanies are more than just headwarmers; they're the trusty sidekicks on your wild journey. Meet Brittany and Doye, the dynamic duo behind the beanie revolution and the proud founders of this earthy and modern brand.

During a June 2023 camping trip, these two souls, deeply in love with the great outdoors and firm believers in the mystery of Sasquatch, found themselves surrounded by the same old Sasquatch silhouette on every piece of clothing and sticker in sight. They thought, "Time for a change!"

Fueled by their love for nature and a touch of Sasquatch obsession, they decided to forge a new path. Why stick with the worn-out mythical creature graphics when they could give Sasquatch a modern makeover? That's right – The Soul Squatch was born, a spot for those who crave fresh, funky, and just plain cool outdoor gear that shouts, "I'm up for adventure, and bigfoot is my trusty companion!"

No more clichés, no more hiding in the shadows. They've kicked the tired overused silhouette to the curb and are embracing a new era of Sasquatch style. Their clothing, gear and stickers aren't just accessories; they're a nod to their love for the wild and mysterious. It's time to hit the trails with their distinctive, eye-catching designs.
wooded forest with fog and people wearing beanies overlayed the forest


But here's the real deal: The Soul Squatch is more than just a brand; it's a community. They know you're out there, fellow seekers of both the great outdoors and the legendary bigfoot. Join them in celebrating the extraordinary, in debunking urban legends, and in embracing the undeniable truth – "bigfoot is real," and so is the thrill of outdoor adventures.

So, whether you're scaling mountains, wandering through forests, or just sipping coffee by the campfire, let The Soul Squatch be your trusted companion. They're not just selling beanies; they're selling a lifestyle. Join them on this wild ride, where every day is an adventure, and every beanie tells a story.

Welcome to The Soul Squatch – where the legend meets the lifestyle, and the journey is as epic as the creature itself.
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